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Beauty & Anti-Aging

Bill Lamb Placenta 250mg 100+20 Caps
  NAME: Bill Lamb Placenta 250mg 100+20 Caps
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  • Manufactured by: Bill Natural Sources
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Product Description

A rich source of nutrients
Regulates hormone secretions
Improves resistance to infections

Lamb Placenta is one of the richest sources of nutrients and a co-factor of the immune system. It provides special proteins, containing more than 30 different amino acids, for the growth of a healthy fetus and the regulation of hormone secretions. Lamb Placenta optimizes the effects of anti-aging. This extraordinary beauty and nutritional supplement helps you maintain and regain skin elasticity. Continual usage will deter you from the undesired effects of aging, as well as diseases and weaknesses due to aging.

Regenerates dermal tissue and regains skin elasticity and suppleness.
Transports active substances into the skin to moisturize.
Accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, softens the cuticles of the skin and brings out a natural healthy glow.
Alleviates menstrual pain and improves resistance to infections.
Increases sperm production and potency.

Freeze-dried lamb Placenta Concentrate (10:1) --------------------------- 250 mg

This product is certified to contain no artificial preservatives, color, flavor or sweeteners, dairy, wheat or yeast.
For other ingredients, please refer to the label.

As a dietary supplement, adults should take 1 capsule, twice daily, preferably with food.
Allow two months for skin to heal if skin is damaged and another three to four months to achieve a complete younger looking skin.

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