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AG Eliminex Herbal Tea 25 Bags Natural Lemon Flavour
  NAME: AG Eliminex Herbal Tea 25 Bags Natural Lemon Flavour
  PRICE: $8.97
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  • Manufactured by: Adrien Gagnon
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Promotes elimination thanks to its diuretic and laxative herbs. Eliminex Slim also contains YerbaMate and green tea, which have known positive effects on the metabolism. Compliments weight loss programs as well.

Medicinal ingredients

  • Peppermint [Mentha piperita] (leaf) 330 mg
  • Burdock [Arctium lappa] (root) 270 mg
  • Bearberry [Arctostaphylos uva-ursi] (leaf) 240 mg
  • Sarsaparilla [Smilax officinalis] (root) 240 mg
  • Cascara sagrada [Rhammus purshiana] (bark) 240 mg
  • Senna [Cassia senna] (leaf) 180 mg


Adults: To be taken instead of tea or coffee, one to three times daily.

How to prepare the infusion: Put one tea bag into a cup, pour boiling water and steep during five to eight minutes. If desired, sweeten with honey according to taste.

Benefits & Recommended for

  •  Helps waste matter elimination.
  •  Activates urine secretion.
  •  Gently fights constipation.


Eliminex herbal tea can easily be used instead of coffee or tea or as an infusion between meals.

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