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Jamieson Evening Primrose Oil 500mg 180Softgels Bonus Pack
  NAME: Jamieson Evening Primrose Oil 500mg 180Softgels Bonus Pack
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  • Manufactured by: Jamieson
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Jamieson Evening Primrose Oil is approved for the following NHPD claims:

  • Source of essential fatty acids for the maintenance of good health
  • Source of omega-6 fatty acids for the maintenance of good health


Evening Primrose Oil is derived from tiny seeds of the wildflower, Oenothera biennis L., which is native to North America. It contains a gentle,natural source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA),an omega-6 fatty acid. The body converts GLA into hormone-like compounds known as the prostaglandins (PGs), which are essential to the maintenance and regulation of many physiological functions in the body. The body can produce both pro-inflammatory and antiinflammatory PGs. The GLA found in evening primrose oil is beneficial for treating a variety of conditions, because of its ability to increase the production of the anti-inflammatory PGs.
GLA is normally synthesized in the liver from dietary sources of linoleic acid (LA), an essential fatty acid. However, the process of converting dietary LA into GLA in the body is a slow process. Supplementation with evening primrose oil is beneficial because 7-10% of its fatty acids are in the form of GLA. As a result, evening primrose oil directly provides a concentrated source of this important omega-6 fatty acid.The GLA found in evening primrose oil is widely recognized as an effective antiinflammatory agent, and is beneficial for treating joint pain and swelling caused by arthritis and other autoimmune disorders. This omega-6 fatty acid can also assist in normalizing hormone levels and may help address symptoms of PMS such as bloating, breast tenderness, abdominal cramps, irritability and mood swings. In addition, GLA promotes the healthy growth and maintenance of skin, hair and nails.
By reducing the production of inflammatory compounds, evening primrose oil can decrease the itching associated with atopic eczema, potentially eliminating the need for topical steroid creams or drugs, which have a variety of negative side effects. Studies have also shown evening primrose oil to be beneficial in the prevention of neuropathy (nerve damage), a common complication that can occur in individuals with diabetes.
Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, is added to this formulation. This is important because the fatty acids in evening primrose oil can break down quickly, and vitamin E helps to slow this process.
Jamieson Evening Primrose Oil is formulated from natural sources and is pharmaceutically tested to guarantee full potency and absolute clinical purity.
What makes Evening Primrose Oil from Jamieson Laboratories different ……and why does that difference mean better?
1) Only the purest and most potent evening primrose seeds grown in Canada are selected for this formula. The seeds are cold pressed and the oil is slowly extracted without the use of chemical solvents to ensure maximum potency.
2) This formulation is standardized to guarantee 10% (50 mg) of GLA in each capsule.
3) Contains Vitamin E to help prevent rancidity of the evening primrose oil contained in each capsule.
4) Our premium formulations are manufactured using the 360 Pure process - a minimum of 360 quality tests that guarantee traceability and reliability of raw material, product safety, full potency and absolute clinical purity.


Available as 90 softgels.
Each softgel contains:
Evening Primrose Oil……..………….…500 mg
(Oenothera biennis, seed)
Omega-6 Fatty Acids............................410 mg
Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)...............50 mg
Vitamin E………………….................…10 IU / 6.7 mg AT
(d-alpha tocopheryl acetate as a natural
antioxidant support compound for EPO)
Gelatin, Glycerin.


Adults - Take 2 softgels 3 times daily with a meal. Store between 15ºC-25ºC away from children.



  • Relief of PMS symptoms
  • Reduces pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Assists in normalizing levels of the hormones estrogen and testosterone
  • Assists in the prevention of diabetes-related neuropathy
  • Supports healthy hair, skin, and nails


Drug Interactions
None known when taken as directed.
Nutrient Depletions
None known when taken as directed.
Supportive Interactions
Fish oil (may help ease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis).


None known when taken as directed.
Do not exceed recommended dosage. Evening primrose oil may cause bloating, stomach upset,
headaches, and diarrhea. Taking the capsules with food can help to reduce these side effects.

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